When Everyone Looks to You for Answers,
Where Do You Go to When You Have Questions?

“Life at the top” can be incredibly lonely.

Melissa Palazzo Hart

During these times, life and business look and feel hard. WHAT IF I told you that YOU have a limitless potential for innovation, creativity and resilience? WHAT IF I told you, where you come from within yourself matters more than any singular activity you do for your business. Where you come from, INSIDE yourself – impacts everything that follows. Well, I AM telling you…

Welcome to HEART work.

I help executives, teams and businesses get into their hearts and shift the paradigm of their business and their lives.

Working with me is a commitment to transform, to step into a new way of being, and to show up in the world more fully, more authentically, you.

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.” – Albert Einstein

Why Me?

Bringing Wisdom to Power

The fate of both humanity and the planet hinges on our leaders’ decisions. I have dedicated my life to expanding the hearts of those whose decisions have the most significant impact. Most leaders don’t have the time to become experts in how their thoughts, minds, and hearts operate – I do little else.

I see your potential and hold you to it.

I know what it takes to create and build a business that has clear values, vision, and purpose. I support leaders in clarifying and aligning these for themselves and their businesses so that they may have a positive impact on the world.

Getting in touch with my sense of purpose in the world, owning my intuition, and learning to take small, then ever more significant leaps into the unknown have transformed my life. I doubt my doubts, and I know this is available to everyone.

The Head thinks, and the Heart knows.


Ways We Can Work Together


Executives hire me for independent and uncomplicated guidance in the form of a mentor, sounding board, and consigliere, all rolled into one. I have been on the front lines and have dealt with the challenges of building and managing a successful business.


Organizations, leadership teams, and departments hire me to discover, clarify and align their values, vision, and purpose. This leads to breakthroughs in collaboration and optimized ways of working with greater impact for the individual and team.


Companies hire me for my strategic, marketing and operating expertise on a part-time or interim basis. I address the most immediate needs, lend extra muscle to provide relief for leadership teams and provide leadership capacity to address surge moments.

What People are Saying…

“Melissa is one of the most capable people I have worked with. She brings great aptitude with even greater attitude. She digs in and pays attention to detail as much as the big picture. Working with Melissa was a real joy.”

– Dale Bornstein CEO, M Booth

“Melissa’s infectious energy and commitment to use her talents for a greater good are such standout strengths. Wonderful wisdom and experience shared here. Keep soaring and listen for us cheering!”

– Wendy Clark Global CEO at Dentsu International

“Melissa is the first person I go to when I need advice on marketing and branding. Her experience combined with incredible intelligence and creativity makes time with her priceless. My level of trust and respect for her personally and professionally is off the charts.”

– Christine Hassler, Best-selling author, Keynote speaker, Master coach, and podcast/TV host

“Melissa is dynamic, powerful, heartfelt, and real. She will talk straight with you and loyally walk by your side unflinchingly serving you. She sees your potential and will help you to see who you truly are along with all of the possibilities that await you.”

– Rohini Ross, Co-Founder of The Rewilding Community and The Rewilding Experience

“Smart, heart-centered, powerful, fun, generous, influential, successful – an all-around amazing woman and leader. And while those are more than enough reasons to ask Melissa to be part of the summit, I asked her to present because in my mind she is a wonderful example of what’s possible – the power and potential available to us as leaders – when we understand the quality of our minds and we connect to our true nature.”

– Barb Patterson,  Global Consultant and Coach

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I’m creating a movement of paradigm shifters who stop chasing enoughness, and live and work from a place of purpose and joy. As a coach, I guide leaders and organizations at the highest levels on how to make a meaningful impact and limitless success through the power of heart work, instead of hard work.

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